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'Strange' for MKN to postpone PKR online congress, say analysts - Free Malaysia Today

The PKR delegates’ meeting held in 2019. This year’s PKR meeting was to be held online in keeping with SOPs for the lockdown.

PETALING JAYA: Two analysts say it is “strange and odd” for the National Security Council (MKN) to stop the PKR National Congress from being held online.

Socio-political analyst Awang Azman Pawi said there was no physical contact among the 2,400 delegates.

“PKR is following the SOPs. There is no physical gathering like previously. Everything is online,” he told FMT, further stating that MKN should explain the basis for its decision.

He said people want transparency and “not vague decisions” as almost everyone is holding an online meeting these days.

Awang Azman Pawi.

“NGOs, schools, workplaces. Going online is the new norm to avoid physical gatherings and Covid infections,” he said.

Awang Azman further asked if MKN would postpone other conferences and meetings by NGOs and workplace meetings held online.

Analyst Azmi Hassan said “it sounds really strange and odd” to instruct PKR to postpone the online meeting.

“Will it affect other online meetings and conferences, too?”

Azmi further told FMT that MKN should be encouraging online meetings as it was the way to go during total lockdowns.

Azmi Hassan.

“The decision does not seem rational unless it is being done for political reasons,” he said.

Azmi added that MKN owes an explanation to Malaysians on the reasons as almost everyone holds online meetings these days.

“It does seem ridiculous to postpone an online meeting,” he added.

Earlier, PKR chief organising secretary Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, in a statement, said the latest MKN directive went against an earlier letter, dated May 27, which indicated it had no objections if the congress was held online.

On May 19, the party had announced that the national congress would be held entirely online, starting with the PKR women’s congress held yesterday and followed by the PKR Youth congress held today.

It was supposed to end tomorrow with the PKR national congress.

All 2,400 delegates and leaders were expected to participate through the Zoom application from their homes, with no physical gathering.

The decision to hold the congress online was due to the surge in Covid-19 cases and to comply with SOPs consistent with the ongoing lockdown.