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A brand new Poloniex is here

A brand new Poloniex is here

PANAMA CITY, Jan 19 (Bernama) – Poloniex, a global cryptocurrency exchange, is marking its eighth anniversary with a strategic transformation. That includes rebranding, new products, enhanced user experience, and refined global marketing strategies.

Poloniex allows millions of users to trade cryptocurrencies safely and conveniently. Founded in 2014 its steady growth has been recognised by the industry over the years. Poloniex, now in its ninth year, has refined its brand values of Passion, Prosperity, and Perseverance.

Meanwhile, Poloniex is embarking on a new chapter. The main message of this year’s anniversary is “Evolution.” The new brand value encapsulates Poloniex’s determination to drive progress, maintain vitality, and improve user experience globally.

Furthermore, Poloniex is introducing a brand new trading system that will provide superior performance, an improved API, and enhanced security. New trading features and financial products will also be introduced. The upgrade will improve performance significantly and provide users with more liquidity than ever before.

Poloniex, as a global platform, will also accelerate its expansion into international markets. To drive overall business growth, targeted marketing strategies will be developed to expand Poloniex’s global footprints in emerging markets.

The markets are the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Asia-Pacific (APAC), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Latin America (LATAM).


On top of that, a new Space Traveler program that integrates the previous volunteer and referral program will soon be available. It will create a mutually beneficial collective to engage and unite local communities.

“The 8th anniversary is a major milestone for Poloniex. We couldn’t have achieved this without the continued support of our users,” says Shaun Scovil, General Manager of Poloniex.

“This is just the beginning with more great things to come. We have an ambitious growth plan and are ready to embrace the future in this constantly changing industry. This strategic update will power our evolution into the next phase.”

Currently, Poloniex provides custodial and trading support for over 300 tokens and 450 market pairs. It also provides financial products to connect the world to the power of digital assets.

Moving forward, Poloniex will continuously dedicate to building a world-class and secure exchange for users around the world.