Super Tuesday wins for Trump, Biden set up rematch

President Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump swept nearly all their Super Tuesday contests, clearing the path for a November rematch.

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Trump versus Biden in now virtually possible. Trump needs to beat Haley in a few more primaries to win it - Photo: Wikipedia

By the conclusion of Super Tuesday, there were few surprises in the presidential race.

Biden and Trump emerged victorious in most contests, with Trump securing approximately 675 delegates from Super Tuesday states, boosting his total to nearly 800.

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The Trump versus Biden rematch

He is poised to claim at least 74% of the available Republican delegates. Notably, Trump garnered the highest number of delegates from California, capturing all 169 after securing a majority vote statewide.

Meanwhile, Biden clinched over 607 delegates, surpassing a total of 800. Despite unexpected outcomes, such as Biden sharing delegates with little-known challenger Jason Palmer in American Samoa, the candidates solidified their standings.

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