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Syntach AB Awarded an EU Grant of € 2.5Mn

Syntach AB Awarded an EU Grant of € 2.5Mn

LUND, Sweden, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Syntach AB in Lund, Sweden has been awarded € 2.5 million as a grant and part of blended finance of up to € 17,5 million from the European Innovation Council (EIC) to support the development of its unique minimally invasive cardiac support system.

Over 60 million people suffer from heart failure, and it is one of the most common causes of death globally. A cardiac support system can prolong and save many lives. Syntach AB is developing a minimally invasive left ventricular assist system that, unlike current systems, does not require open-heart surgery to be implanted. Further, it is powered by an implanted battery, avoiding a driveline through the skin and many of the negative side effects associated with conventional left ventricular assist devices.

Rather than replacing the heart function, the Syntach system supports and enhances the natural movement of the mitral valve plane in the heart, making each heartbeat more effective. Minimizing blood exposure to foreign material allows a biocompatible and physiological interaction that further reduces negative side effects.

The EIC has been set up within the EU Horizon Europe program. The aim is to identify and support pioneering new technology and innovation from early research to market launch and scaling up internationally. The funding awarded by the EIC will allow Syntach to accelerate the development of its implantable, minimally invasive cardiac support system.

“We are proud and happy to have been awarded this recognition and support of a potentially game-changing new treatment that may help hundreds of thousands of patients, adding years of quality life,” says Prof. Jan Solem, Syntach AB’s CEO and inventor.

Tor Peters, Chairman of the Board says: “It is our objective to revolutionize the way heart failure patients are treated while creating a company with the capability to offer this treatment on a global scale. A lot of work remains, but we have a fantastic team in place and paired with the great support from patients, as well as the global interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery communities, we are very optimistic about our future.”

Syntach AB is based in Lund, Sweden and develops innovative cardiac support systems as well as mitral valve intervention systems in cooperation with several academic research centres. Syntach works with the Cardiac MR Group at the Department for Clinical Sciences and Clinical Physiology at Lund University. The academic team at Lund University has pioneered the research about the functioning of the heart.