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Tably, Cat AI-Powered Camera App Releases New Update

Tably, Cat AI-Powered Camera App Releases New Update

CALGARY, AB, CANADA, July 2, 2022 / — Tably, the AI-powered iOS app that helps confirm how a cat is feeling, has rolled out a new app update. According to – Tably’s parent company, Tably gives owners a “deeper understanding” of their cats’ moods and general health. Using feedback from app users, developed a new version of the app that allows more flexibility within the app and detailed results.

“Among several new features, the latest version of Tably helps cat parents keep track of both the good and bad days a cat may be experiencing over any amount of time. This was a request made by our very engaged cat parent community,” said Susan Groeneveld, founder of “When there are consecutive bad days over an extended period, it may mean that there is a health issue that should be addressed.”

AI-Powered to help cats

Users can utilize the new calendar feature to spot trends and review past results which can help alert cat parents to potential health issues. For cat owners who have multiple furry feline friends, the app now has the capability to create cat profiles with name, age, gender, and picture and independently track results for multiple cats. In addition, new users are now able to test out the app and explore with a free 7-day trial.

Tably is currently only available to iOS users. Users can download the app for $3.99 a month. Once purchased, users can create a profile for their cat and start tracking good and bad days. To receive the most accurate rating, users should ensure pictures are well-lit, background is uncluttered, cat is facing the camera directly, and the photo is taken at a direct angle.

Once the picture is taken, it will be assessed using a highly accurate AI-model and a veterinary pain scale that uses five facial cues: ear position, orbital tightening, muzzle tension, whiskers position, and head position.

Take control of your cat’s health “right meow” and download Tably today.