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How to tackle the ringgit slide

Assuring political stability and commitment to reforms can attract foreign investment and stabilize the ringgit - these are crucial elements.

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To address the prolonged downward trend of the Malaysian ringgit exacerbated by the 1MDB scandal and corruption among the elites as well as various external factors, several strategies can be considered to stabilize the currency and restore confidence in the economy.

Firstly, transparency and accountability regarding the 1MDB scandal are crucial. The government must demonstrate a commitment to investigating and prosecuting those involved in corruption and mismanagement, thereby restoring faith in governance and financial integrity.

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The ringgit...

Additionally, implementing sound fiscal policies and structural reforms is essential to bolstering economic fundamentals. This includes prudent budget management, reducing fiscal deficits, and enhancing public sector efficiency. Strengthening regulatory frameworks and oversight mechanisms can also prevent future financial improprieties.

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Furthermore, fostering investor confidence through clear communication and consistent economic policies is vital. Providing assurance of political stability and commitment to reforms can attract foreign investment and stabilize the currency. Collaborating with international financial institutions for support and expertise can also be beneficial in implementing reforms and rebuilding credibility.


Moreover, diversifying the economy away from over-reliance on commodities and expanding into high-value-added industries can enhance resilience against external shocks and contribute to sustainable economic growth.

Overall, restoring confidence in governance, implementing prudent economic policies, and diversifying the economy are key steps to stabilize the Malaysian ringgit and pave the way for long-term economic stability and growth.