Taliban Claims Weapons Capture From Govt Forces

Taliban Claims Weapons Capture From Govt Forces
Weapons allegedly captured by Taliban during recent operations in Pusht Rod, Farah. #Afghanistan

The Taliban is claiming that it has captured several weapons from government forces.

The video is in Afghan language but a CNN report confirms the Taliban has seized several villages and towns in Afghanistan.

The recent surge in Taliban activity and conquest is in the northern Afghanistan region. The attacks took place in recent weeks, says the CNN.

The American news agency says it got its report from local officials. But the government is saying it did not lose much territory or weapons and that is it firmly in control.

However, the Taliban says it has taken control of 90 districts across the country since the middle of May. Some were seized without a single shot firedm reports CNN’s Nic Robertson.

See the CNN report here!


The NBC however is apparently making fun either of the Taliban or of the U.S. regime. It says the Taliban is surprised that is advancing so fast without opposition. To the point that it is slowing down its conquest not to offend the U.S.

NBC cites a Taliban commander in Ghazni province who says he and fellow fighters were surprised at the speed of their advance. They avoided capturing some targets so as not to run afoul of the U.S.

NBC says the Taliban now controls a third of the country.

The Taliban advance is taking place while U.S. troops are leaving the country.