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Taliban Victories Sparks Burqas Buying Spree

Taliban Victories Sparks Burqas Buying Spree

Taliban has conquered more cities and villages in a few weeks than it ever did in the last 20 years of and this has sparked a burqa buying spree.

In Kandahar, the people are starting to hide books that are usually banned by the Taliban and women are buying burqas. They have to cover their eyes and face from the gaze of the men in the city.

That is happening shortly after the Taliban conquered the great city of Kandahar this week.

Kandahar hosted one of the largest American military bases in Afghanistan. The people did little to resist the Americans. There may be a price to pay for this stance.

But the biggest change that the city will see is the number of women wearing the all too famous blue abaya with the gridlocked face shield.

One shopkeeper reports brisk sales in burqas

Over the past few days, the Taliban have reached ever deeper into Kandahar; late on Thursday night, they took control of it, reports The Economist.

“The fighting has been devastating. Mosques have been boarded up. People are stockpiling beans and rice. Some have abandoned their homes to move in with relatives in parts of the city that aren’t yet under bombardment.

“Others are boxing up their possessions, barricading their doors and heading down to their basements to play Ludo. Many Kandaharis are preparing for life under Taliban rule. One shopkeeper reports brisk sales in burqas,” says the publication.

While women were still wearing Burqas in Kandahar during the long absence of the Taliban, now, all of them will have to adorn this style.