Tatler Asia Redefining Media For The future

Tatler Asia Redefining Media For The future

Tatler Asia (Tatler), a luxury brand with a legacy business in media, is reinventing itself for today’s values-driven consumer.

Recognising that people’s needs and behaviours are changing globally, Tatler Asia, which is traditionally known for being a luxury lifestyle media and publisher of the iconic Tatler magazines, initiated a study surveying luxury consumers, spanning Gen Z, millennials, boomers as well as high-income earners to understand what people want and require from the media they consume.

In response, Tatler is evolving to place greater focus on topics with purpose, such as female empowerment, sustainability, equality, LGBTQ, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. The brand will continue engaging with influential consumers, business leaders, creatives and personalities who are shaping Asia’s future, but will increase its younger audience base to reach Asia’s mass affluent, appealing to impactful individuals from a greater cross-section of communities, industries and walks of life.

“For the last 43 years, Tatler’s purpose has been to connect Asia’s most influential whilst promoting and developing Asian identity, culture and business. Over the last five years, we have witnessed first-hand a shift in people’s outlook on media and lifestyle preferences. The pandemic has further accelerated this need for change as individuals have been re-evaluating life choices. As a legacy brand, it is our role to redefine media for the future, introduce new initiatives and lead conversations that matter,” says Michael Lamunière, Chairman and CEO of Tatler Asia.

The survey, gathering insights from over 2,000 people in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines explored people’s feelings towards luxury, wellness, sustainability and Asian culture, and asked respondents what they wanted from Tatler and the impact the brand has on their purchasing decisions. The results confirmed Tatler’s approach to expanding its content pillars and audience touchpoints, as well as reaching a younger, affluent audience who are primarily digitally connected, salaried professionals or entrepreneurs. This new audience base seeks premium or exclusive products that offer value and functionality, as well as experiences to discover, network and connect with individuals and brands.

Luxury Consumers Needs

Tatler is appealing to a greater cross section of society by focusing on topics with purpose. In August 2020, the brand featured its first same sex couple on the cover of Tatler Philippines.

The values of high net worth individuals (HNWI), as well as people’s perception of luxury in general, have changed. Luxury has evolved from its association with high priced consumer goods that convey status, to having more emphasis on wellbeing, value and meaning, and demonstrating personality. Additionally, and supported by over 80 percent of respondents, luxury consumers value sustainability and ESG and seek to purchase from brands that commit to worthy causes. Many of these changes have been an outcome of Covid-19, with 70 percent of respondents stating that their luxury purchase preferences have changed since the onset of the pandemic. Based on these insights, Tatler will ensure ESG is a theme consistently explored in its content whilst aligning with real views on what luxury is.

In the recent survey, over 75 percent of respondents said that they support and promote Asian culture and Asian-led businesses, and over 60 percent said they desire more content on entrepreneurship and social issues such as equality, diversity and inclusion. In response to this, Tatler will continue its leadership in the area, growing its multiple channels that tell the stories of Asia’s most influential people.

In the last five years, Tatler has expanded its coverage exploring entrepreneurship, through initiatives such as Generation T (Gen.T), a community media platform for young leaders shaping Asia’s future. Launched in 2016, Gen.T celebrates the drive and disruptive spirit of entrepreneurs and creatives across the region through inspirational content and curated events. Focusing on Asia’s female leaders, Front & Femalea platform for women supporting women who want to make a deep social impact, was launched in 2020.

New Business Models

Rappler’s Maria Ressa, who gained international recognition for her unabashedly honest coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte’s authoritarian governance, receives this year’s Nobel Peace Prize making her the first-ever Filipino laureate. Tatler Philippines, October 2021.

The brand is also growing audience touchpoints, adding new channels across multiple platforms with alternative business models that go beyond print and digital media. New initiatives are being rolled out in markets, with some piloted and launched, and others set to be introduced by the end of 2022.

First are through experiences, which are vital to engaging luxury consumers. One of the most successful spin-offs, Tatler Dining, leads the way, particularly relevant since dining consistently ranks among the top hobbies across demographics, incomes and regions. Its initiatives include Tatler Dining Kitchen, a culinary hub for food lovers to experience unique off-menu dining and exclusive collaborations never before seen in the market, whilst TheTatler Bar is a curated online and offline platform designed for the drink connoisseur. Within the festival space, OffMenu is an event that mixes local and international F&B trailblazers, chefs and mixologists, with eclectic entertainment.

Outside of F&B, the brand is introducing wellness events in collaboration with renowned fitness brands and experts through the sub-brand Tatler Roots.

Tatler also recently introduced branded VIP venues such as Tatler House, where intimate luxury gatherings, dinners, roundtables, product activations and more, take place. It also provides an exclusive “second home” for the group’s community to come together and experience the Tatler brand in real life. Tatler House is located in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore and Malaysia, with more to open across the region in the coming year. Tatler also recently launched Tatler Escapes in Hong Kong, a luxuriously appointed catamaran that can play host to events and experiences at sea.

Diversifying into e-commerce, Tatler Unlisted offers exclusive time-limited products and experiences for Tatler audiences, and the brand is also exploring rewards programmes following the launch of UnitedWeDine last year, which was curated to support the F&B industry in Hong Kong.

Reshaping New Asia

In September, Tatler Asia launched its new website – a global platform that provides each location personalised content. The multilingual website, designed to increase engagement with millennials and Gen Z audiences, features interactive and dynamic elements. The site serves as the ultimate daily resource for luxury lifestyle insight, reinforcing Tatler’s position as the global leader to connect with Asia’s most influential and affluent.

Our ultimate goal is to empower Asia’s most influential and affluent communities to live their best life and make a positive impact on the world” adds Michel Lamunière, Chairman and CEO of Tatler Asia.

To experience the best of power, influence and style, visit www.tatlerasia.com, home to new conversations for a New Asia, a New Tatler.