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The Jaguar TCS Racing Team Made It To Jakarta

The Jaguar TCS Racing Team Made It To Jakarta
The Jaguar TCS Racing Team Made It To Jakarta

JAKARTA | SINGAPORE, June 2022: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS), title sponsor of Jaguar TCS Racing came to Jakarta last weekend.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the way of the future. As the technology transformation partner to key players across the end-to-end EV value chain, TCS is a strong proponent of the shift towards cleaner, greener mobility.

It has partnered with Jaguar Racing to help amplify the importance of electrification through the famous e-prix race circuit across the globe. This reflects TCS’ pursuit of global sponsorships with purpose, to help implement change and lead others forward in smarter, more sustainable ways.

At TCS, we believe that technology drives sustainable progress. In the past five decades, TCS has been helping organizations to make a difference for their customers and communities,” said Girish Ramachandran, President, TCS Asia Pacific.

Jaguar and the future

Our partnership with Jaguar is another concrete step towards harnessing the collective knowledge required to enhance the future of the automotive and motorsport sectors. Coming at a time where TCS has recently achieved carbon neutrality in all our markets in Asia Pacific, three years ahead of our original target, the collaboration builds on our belief of driving sustainability through innovation and creating the future of mobility by electrifying ecosystems.”

During this multi-year partnership, TCS and Jaguar are creating a dynamic platform that will drive research and innovation while steering towards advanced concepts and EV technologies.

TCS is leveraging its deep expertise across the EV value chain, to help Jaguar TCS Racing become a catalyst for electrification, pushing towards low carbon emissions and sustainable mobility.

The partnership is seeing the creative use of data and insights from the racetrack to shape the wider growth, development, and transformation of the EV ecosystem.