The Mauritius Telecom CTOs Resignation

The Mauritius Telecom CTOs Resignation

The Mauritius Telecom Chief Technical Officer M. Girish Guddoy resigned yesterday with news report saying it is linked to the sniffing accusations at the telecommunications company.

He is the second victim of the spying activities ordered by Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth. The first is of course Mauritius Telecom’s Chief Executive, Sherry Singh also known as the Prince.

The resignation of the CTO was however announced by Mr Xavier Luc Duval, leader of the opposition in Mauritius who questioned the Prime Minister over the sniffing allegations.

The opposition leader says there were attempts by some (in government) to get the CTO to draft fake letters and fake reports.

World Future yesterday reported a high official at Mauritius Telecoms was roped in to carry out the sniffing activities on behalf of possible Indian agents.

“This is an enormous scandal of great consequences,” says Mr Duval.

A messy affair in Mauritius

He says the country will have to face the consequences of the repercussions affecting the lives of Mauritians, the economy of the country and the international and regional image of Mauritius.

“There is also the diplomatic relations. The High Commission of South Africa in Mauritius has expressed his worries publicly,” adds Mr Duval.

“We cannot imagine the real gravity of this case until the damage will cause an irreparable wrong to our country.”

The resignation of Mr Guddoy adds more pressure on Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth who is accused of using the Mauritius Telecom for Indian spying activities.

Sources told World Future the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei could have been the target of spying or sniffing as it is described in Mauritius.