The Mirror Image One Console Is The Future Of Gaming

The Mirror Image One Console Is The Future Of Gaming
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The Mirror Image One Console Is The Future Of Gaming

Colorado, USA, June 9, 2022 – – I hope you are as excited as we are for the release of the Mirror Image One Console. In the meantime, we wanted to provide details on what to expect from the console and our launch.

What is the Mirror Image One?

“The Mirror Image One is the world’s first Web 3.0 Gaming console powered by Nvidia GPUs and a Virtual Windows PC in the cloud. Our Console allows you to play your favorite games, securely browse the internet by using our secured browser, and development programs for Web 3.0. The Console will have one of the fastest Internet speeds in the world compatible with most devices,” says a media release from the company.

“The Console also can connect to VR Headsets. With the use of the Virtual Windows PC in the cloud, we have eliminated the need for needing to upgrade your device again.

“One of our main goals is to bring the power and ease of use into the hands of everyone, by creating a product that is secure, fast, and easy to use.”

How does the console work?

Users can access your console from any device by visiting our website and logging in using your gamertag and password or simply by connecting your wallet. Once you are logged in, you will get access to your personalized dashboard where you can access games, apps, modify your reflection avatar, send and receive payments, complete missions, and securely chat with friends.

Personalized Dashboard

The personalized dashboard gives you the power to take control of your experience in Web 3.0. Allowing you to simply login into the accounts you already have to get rewarded for your activity.

“For example, if you have an Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Account you can login into your account and start playing. The difference between using Xbox directly and our console is with our consoles you are provided daily missions for your gameplay. So, if you normally play Fortnite every day you can now get rewarded by completing missions like play Fortnite for one hour and receive 5 SELF Coins. This reward system works for everything not just gaming allowing you to get rewarded for developing programs, learning about Web 3 from select schools, visiting metaverses, interacting with Dapps, and more.”

What are Reflection Avatars?

Reflection Avatars are a way to express yourself on Web 3.0. The company have chosen to make your avatar reflect who you are in the real world by being yourself or you can represent yourself as your favorite PFP project.

You can even customize your Avatar using different clothes as wearable NFTs and accessories that allow you to stand out from the crowd. Each wearable NFT is backed by the physical product so if you buy a shirt for your avatar, you will receive both the digital version for your avatar and the physical drop shipped to your residence. This will allow you to build your physical and virtual closet at the same time.

.W3 and .ETH Gamertags

With each console order you are provided with a .W3 and .ETH Gamertag. The .W3 Gamertags are on the Xinfin Blockchain which means you can earn in-game currency (SELF Coins) and transfer them to your XDC wallet to use in Decentralized Apps.

“We also provide .ETH Gamertags that are native to the Ethereum Blockchain. Our ETH Gamertags are ENS subdomains that contain .Mirrorimage.ETH. For example, if you chose the Gamertag “Best In The World”, your .ETH Gamertag will look like (Bestintheworld.mirrorimage.eth). Each Gamertag allows you to send and receive payments, automatically earn rewards, and securely chat with your friends using our chat section.”

Secured Browsing

“We partnered with Plata Data to provide you with a secured browsing experience within your console. Plato Data does NOT share your data and offers full encryption for your browsing experience. To learn more about Plato Data visit their website here.”

What are Missions?

Missions are daily rewarded tasks provided based on your real time activity. Each monthly subscription provides a certain amount of missions per day. The Common Edition provides 5 missions daily, The Rare Edition provides 10 missions, and the Legendary Edition provides 20+ missions per day. The goal for our missions is not to provide you with hard task or a bunch of tasks that make purchase or subscribe to stuff like those scam sites.

“We want to provide missions for tasks you are already use to completing in your day to make your everyday activities more worth it.”

How does the monthly subscription work?

Unlike most platforms that offer virtual pcs as a service we don’t charge a monthly fee in fiat currency. Instead, we allow each monthly subscription to be paid in our utility token (SELF Coin). This allows you to easily use a portion of your rewards to maintain access to your virtual pc. Don’t worry about not having enough SELF Coins each month as long as your active you will always receive more SELF Coins in rewards than what is required for your monthly subscription.

“As we get closer to launch, we will provide more details about the Console and a Whitepaper that will provide full details on how our SELF Coins work. In the meantime, join our discord to stay up to date on everything about the Mirror Image One. Until next time!”

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: (ACN Newswire)