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The New “Famous Whale” NFT Membership Is Launched

The New “Famous Whale” NFT Membership Is Launched

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2022 — The Art Choppe, New York City’s first Barbershop/ NFT Art Gallery/Dispensary, today announced it is making available 1,212 limited-edition (25 Super Rare) NFT club memberships in New York City for its Lower East Side location opening on August 1, 2022.

For members who join early in the process, The Art Choppe is planning to add elite future access to its members-only club in Williamsburg Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Japan, as well as a special members-only hotel and spa located in Puerto Rico with tons of members-only benefits and money-making opportunities.

The Art Choppe launches its NFT Collection on July 1, 2022 and is on sale until July 30, 2022. At the end of 30 days, it will close the sale to the public and the only way to gain a membership will be from current members selling their NFT (at their desired price) or applying to be part of the Waitlist, Whale Application and Verification process, if memberships are available.

“Now is the perfect time to get into NFTs because most of the ‘riff raff’ and nonsense projects that were not built to weather the storm are gone and all of the ‘Amazons’ and ‘Apples’ are left for us to appreciate and invest,” said @FamousWhale1212, the owner of The Art Choppe and a New York native, entrepreneur and former NYC Police Sergeant.

NFT lifestyle

@FamousWhale1212 continued, saying, “Every now and again, a rare gem comes along and changes the game! We believe in adding value and attaching NFTs to a purpose or a lifestyle in our case. No matter the Market conditions, our unique NFTs will always hold their value and always be worth exactly what you paid, at the very least, which is rare in this day and crypto age.

From @FamousWhale1212’s perspective, when you attach an NFT to something with value, regardless of the Market waves, your NFT’s value will hold or increase in the long term. The Art Choppe’s NFTs comprise a one-of-a-kind valuable service and a lifestyle that actually never loses value.

“Regardless of Market conditions, if something is attached to value, people will pay the value it is worth,” @FamousWhale1212 further said. “And, we are proving such by guaranteeing, if you don’t see any value in our NFT, we guarantee to buy it back at the listed price of $1,212, because we understand that markets sway and value stays. Therefore, The Art Choppe paying $1,212 for a sold-out, members-only NFT Club is a no brainer as we can list and resell at a higher price on our NFT marketplace, which is launching in October 2022. When the stock market crashes or is not doing well, everything with value does not go on sale. They go up in price. For example, you cannot go into a Lamborghini dealer and get a car half off or on sale because the stock market crashed. In fact, you might pay more!”

@FamousWhale1212 then added, “Do you want your chance to become a ‘Whale’ in the famous whale hunt at The Art Choppe? We are offering one of 25 very rare lifetime NFT whale memberships free of charge. You’ll receive the free membership and your choice of $10,000 cash, ETH and/or custom jewelry from Venivicci Inc. As an extra added bonus, you will also receive five Famous Whale NFT memberships as gifts for your friends or your ‘Pod.’” Go follow our Instagram and find out all about our promotions and giveaways @FamousWhale1212!

Exclusive membership

An exclusive club membership includes access to a vintage barbershop, NFT art gallery, jewelry store, cannabis dispensary and access to The Art Choppe members-only on-demand mobile application that provides Luxury Concierge Services On-Demand, such as armed security guards, maids, personal assistants, luxury car rentals, mobile car wash and so much more. The barbershop offers unlimited beverages and free slices of pizza from Williamsburg Pizza. Members can work with a personal private jeweler at The Art Choppe for custom pieces, gold grillz and jewelry.

There are also members-only events, exclusive profit-sharing and franchisee opportunities and monthly and yearly giveaways (i.e., 2.12% of revenue is given back to members each year guaranteed).

According to @FamousWhale1212, “Benefits include the members-only onsite dispensary featuring top-shelf products. There are super luxury custom Ped-I-Cure Stations for the fellas. Members can expect onsite armed security on-demand for our members and, of course, our members-only luxury concierge services application because, we are here to make life effortless.”

“With our membership, anything you need done is accomplished before you ever think it. This is a membership you cannot miss out having if you are who you say you are or you can become who you deserve to be.” /