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This is how Chrissy Johnston lists her top PR tips

This is how Chrissy Johnston lists her top PR tips

LONDON, ENGLAND, April 16, 2022 — Celebrity agent and publicist Chrissy Johnston, whose clients include Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn, has helped celebrities, television stars, influencers, models, and brands feature in the press for almost 20 years.

Whether a social media influencer, beauty salon, fitness coach, TV personality, fashion brand or interior designer, every business needs customers.

And to get customers, they must promote their business. A terrific way to do this is with press and media coverage.

She believes regular, positive media attention has the power to transform brands, generate sales and boost peoples’ profiles, opportunities, and credibility.

To help those who are new to the world of PR and looking to get published, Chrissy shares her top 8 PR tips for dummies

The 8 tips by Chrissy Johnston

1. Make sure the brand website and social media look great
Holding pages, unfunctional websites and social media filled with poor-quality images and content unrelated to the brand/business is a definite no-no. Brands/businesses don’t get a second chance to make that first impression, so their online presence must be top notch. This way journalists will be more inclined to promote them.

2. Know the media

Choosing the right publications and media outlets to reach a brand’s target audience is key. There’s no point in being featured in The Wall Street Journal or The Financial Times when their potential customers read The Daily Mail or US Weekly instead. Brands/businesses should first conduct research on a bunch of publications and, once the right ones have been sourced for their audience, they can tailor their press releases to fit in with the type of articles those publications usually publish.

3. Pitch journalists who already covered a similar topic

Brands/businesses should look for articles that have previously covered a similar story or brand as theirs, then identity the author and reach out to them directly via email or social media. For example, a fitness coach could look for journalists who have authored weight-loss stories then pitch their top fitness-related tips to help shed weight.

4. Supply high-quality photos

Most press stories feature visuals alongside the text. A picture is worth a thousand words, and brands should have clear, high-resolution photos/videos readily available for journalists to publish for free upon request.

5. Follow the journalists on social media

Brands, or their representative, should positively engage with journalists on social media. Like and comment on their posts and praise their latest articles. Building a rapport with them may encourage them to respond to the brand’s pitch ideas and press releases.
Also, check out the #journorequest hashtag on Twitter – journalists often use it when they’re looking for particular brands or people to write about.

6. Be patient… and don’t forget to follow up

Most journalists receive thousands of emails each week and don’t have time to reply to them all. Press releases can quite easily get lost in the masses, so following up is essential. And, if the follow-up calls and emails fail, it’s important not to take it personally – just try again next week with a different pitch, or press release!

7. Show appreciation

Any brands/businesses that do secure media coverage should send a thank you message to the journalist and let them know the article was a success. Journalists are human too and love to feel appreciated.

8. Hire a PR Agency

Brands/businesses lacking the time or skills required to compile catchy email subject lines and headlines can hire a PR firm instead.

Chrissy says, “Whether the goal is the cover of Elle magazine or an interview slot on a local radio station, a PR agency does all the work for you so you can focus on the other important elements of your business.

“When you hire a PR firm, you’re not just saving time, you’re gaining a ton of creative ideas and expertise. You’re also employing people that already have long-standing relationships with the press and media which greatly improves the chances of being published.”

Chrissy Johnston is a publicist, celebrity agent and founder of talent and PR agency She has worked with an array of celebrities, television stars, influencers, models, and Grammy Award-winning music acts Worldwide.

Some of her celebrity clients past and present include: Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn, Amber Rose, Michael Jackson, Playboy Playmate Chloe Khan, Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham, La Toya Jackson, supermodel Joanna Krupa, Backstreet Boy’s AJ McLean, Jenna Jameson, Fatman Scoop, Jodie Marsh, Nicola McLean, amongst many others. /

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