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This Is How Hamas Is Losing Against Israel!

This Is How Hamas Is Losing Against Israel!

KUALA LUMPUR: This is how Hamas, the military wing of a political organisation, is not winning against Israel. But let me put it straight. It is also not losing.

However, Israel has made strides, leaping forward in the world and gaining friends among the Arabs. Why? The answer to this question is because too many terrorists and so-called freedom fighters are becoming violent against Arab governments.

From Jordan to Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Oman there are regular threats and attacks against the authorities. Tired of the rhetoric, the Saudi’s are moving in a different direction.

For many, this is a betrayal of the Muslim cause and alliance with Israel, the enemy, is a sin. Nevertheless, it is not stopping the UAE, Saudi Arabia or Morocco from their openness towards the Jewish state.


There is a debate whether Israel won in last month’s incursion in Gaza. For the Israelis, it is a victory, for Hamas it is a victory. As usual, no one wants to admit defeat. But Israel is reeling on diplomatic successes, Hamas is not. And this is where Hamas is really losing to Israel.

On the other hand, militarily , the Israelis are spooked. They too are fed-up with their wars against the Palestinian group, wars they cannot win.

The last time they launched a massive invasion of Gaza they lost many soldiers. They are still crying for their losses. They cannot afford more deaths at the hands of Hamas. It will be a big humiliation if that were to repeat.

Meanwhile, Palestinians are saying the revolt of the Palestinians against Israel last month has won them more friends across the globe. It is true but diplomatically; it is not. Hamas won support from Muslims across the world.

But this support is not new. It is always there, waiting to explode in the world’s face. It did in May with thousands of Muslims rallying for Hamas, Gaza and Palestine in many countries around the world. This is the success story for Hamas, a story that Israel cannot portray.

Note that Gaza has minuscule military capabilities. It is a tiny, besieged and impoverished stretch of land.

But the Gaza Strip neutralized the massive and superior Israeli military army this time around. It is probably because the Israelis did not want to go down the road to hell for them again.


Most of Hamas’ support comes from Qatar. The country has, according to some sources, donated some $1.8 billion to Hamas since 2012. This donation may have been intended for the Palestinian cause and people.

Between 2000 and 2015 the European Union contributed €1.6 billion to Palestinians Refugees (UNRWA). The Biden Administration has donated $75 million

 to Palestinians. It tells you a lot. Gaza depends on aid and donations. The situation is dire and Israel is punishing the people for the military actions of Hamas.

Gaza will not survive with Qatari support alone. Hamas has to expand its wings and seek help across the Muslim world. It has to come to the realisation soon that depending on Qatar alone will not help the population in Gaza.

The people needs their rights and freedoms to be respected. These rights include proper schooling, proper jobs and a real development in the strip.

Hamas can do it. It has a powerful political wing. But it does not have one thing: diplomatic expertise. Thus, Israel will continue to win in this domain, until the rebels realise they too need to be diplomatic, sometimes.