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This is how iPrice supports online sellers

This is how iPrice supports online sellers

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 APRIL 2022 – iPrice Group – Southeast Asia’s leading platform helping shoppers find the best deals in the region’s messy e-commerce space – is launching the iPrice Sellers Club to help small to mid-sized online sellers and brands reach profitability.

Through this, iPrice will be using demand data from over 125 million unique users on its platform to drive high-quality pre-qualified customers to merchants, significantly lowering their online marketing costs.

According to Google / Temasek’s 2021 report about SEA’s e-Conomy, 82% of sellers anticipate over half their sales would be coming from online sources going forward.

Despite their positive view of digital platforms, profitability remains a key concern as the region’s e-commerce market has become highly competitive with it becoming increasing difficult to draw quality web traffic and make sales. 

Although digital marketing campaigns are common to compete for interested customers, these may not reap the desired benefits given the complexity and costs of prevalent platforms (like Facebook & Google), combined with high levels of ad fraud. In the end, the cost of digital marketing may drive sellers to jack up product prices, which would risk their competitiveness. 

iPrice mission

As one (1) in three (3) digital merchants cites “too expensive” as the top barrier for digital platform adoption sellers, and even established brands, are looking for sustainable ways to reach customers. iPrice, with its mission “to help online shoppers in Southeast Asia save money” found a win-win solution to their struggles by helping merchants lower their costs whilst helping consumers getting better prices.

In 2021 alone, iPrice received more than 125 million unique users searching for better deals with specific products in mind. With the iPrice Sellers Club, iPrice will connect sellers with interested buyers leveraging its vast insights into what user’s search and intend to purchase. 

“The advertising market in SEA is ripe for disruption. We are leveraging our unique proprietary data to bring targeting to another level, and match buyer’s interests in specific products with potential sellers in the simplest way,” says iPrice Group Founder David Chmelař.

iPrice is now inviting interested sellers and brands to take this opportunity to reach their target audience more efficiently.

 “Via our existing partnerships with big marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Tokopedia often times there is not even a need to open a separate store – we can get you started in minutes, while you continue to manage your inventory through these platforms.” adds Chmelař.

For sellers and brands interested in participating in the first batch, you may reach out to iPrice at: