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This is how the lightest Air Yacht looks like

This is how the lightest Air Yacht looks like

Lazzarini Design Studio, based in Rome, has created a novel concept called Air Yacht, which can “sail in the sky” as well as on the ocean.

The Air Yacht’s renderings were unveiled earlier last month, and the futuristic design appears to be every bit as bizarre as it sounds.

The massive structure, made of carbon fibre, will be outfitted with two blimps filled with compressed helium, allowing it to fly at 60 knots for more than 48 hours “without emissions,” according to the design team.

See the close up of this weird production that could revolutionise the yacht industry.

Lazzarini’s design studio envisioned the Air Yacht, an incredible encounter between the Zeppelin and the billionaire superyacht.

The Air Yacht is constructed up of two 150-meter-long steers connected by four transversal ports to an 80-meter carbon-fiber platform that acts as the vessel’s living heart.

There are eleven bedrooms and a magnificent living room with an open dining room. Passengers will be able to swim in a large pool above the central bridge, and the ship will even welcome unexpected visitors disembarking by helicopter to pose on the chopper.

More on the Air Yacht

Lifeboats and flotation balloons are packed beneath the framework, allowing the Air Yacht to float on the sea like a ship.

This aircraft will run fully on renewable gas, including helium and hydrogen, ensuring a crossover speed of 60 knots in flight and 5 knots on water, as the times demand.

It will also have numerous reservoirs, allowing it to fly for up to 48 hours. The Air Yacht, which was designed by Lazzarini and is still in the design process, has not yet gone into production.

However, the billionaires who are always on the lookout for luxury and outstanding novelty items are unlikely to be disappointed.