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This Is What Will Change At GM's EV Business

This Is What Will Change At GM's EV Business

The variety of electric vehicles that GM may construct on a new platform it was creating are represented by clay models.

Clay models alone won’t be enough to boost its EV sales, which are trailing those of Tesla, the industry leader in EV production.

Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, believes that this can change as a result of the company’s creative strategy. But will it actually occur? Will GM ever sell more electric vehicles than Tesla?

CNBC shared Barra’s vision.

Mary Barra’s EV vision

Meetings in September 2017 resulted in the development of General Motors’ “all-electric” future strategy, which was supported by a new platform currently known as Ultium.

The platform is intended for the electric vehicles that the corporation was creating, and late last year, GM’s first plant using the new technology began to produce them.

After executives visited Silicon Valley in 2015 to learn about new trends and meet with Google representatives, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and other industry leaders, GM’s work on EVs had quickened.

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