This metaverse will be a 3d world to work, play, date...

This metaverse will be a 3d world to work, play, date...

KIEV, KIEV OBLAST, UKRAINE, January 3, 2022 — Metaverse is advertised everywhere as the next iteration of the internet but what is it? It is a concept of a continuous, online, 3D universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces. It will allow users to work, meet, game, and socialize together in these 3D spaces., is in the beginning stages of creating a unique metaverse where its users can work, play, socialize, date, learn, receive therapy, and improve themselves in the real world. People will be able to use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to best view its 3d world.

The Augmented Reality (AR) will incorporates real-time interactions of real and virtual worlds in the 3D universe.

People will explore 3d generated town halls, theaters, libraries, parks, theme park, classrooms, lecture halls, and concerts venues. They will be able to create a customizable virtual friend that will learn using advanced artificial intelligence.

The town halls, parks, and theme parks will allow users to meet in a safe virtual public space. People from around the world will be able to communicate with each other using an auto-translation feature where they will hear and read everything in their own native language regardless where other users are from. For instance, a person in Germany will hear German when speaking virtually to a person in Russia and the person in Russia will be hearing Russian.

More private areas will include libraries, classrooms, lecture halls, and concert venues.

Classrooms will offer free self-examination tests of personality, behavior, intelligence, and general knowledge.

The library will have an extensive growing virtual video catalog that will include teaching life-skills, vocational training, scientifically proven therapeutic methods, game theory, NFT creation, coding plus many more topics.

Theaters and the concert venue will offer 3d performances from around the world.

Members will be able to generate income with STRUE with owning virtual 3d kiosks where members can showcase their goods and skills for trade. STRUE is SpecTruth’s native token and will be used to purchase premium services or goods.

In addition to the virtual kiosks, STRUE tokens will be used to unlock a wide variety of premium content and services.

Members will be able to create a dating profile and go on virtual 3d dates.

Members will be able to create NFTs, showcase them in virtual art museum, or sell them at their own 3d virtual kiosk.

STRUE will upgrade their AI generated friend, used to buy box seats at virtual venues, purchase premium concert and lecture tickets, make donations to charities, sponsor other members, and used to generate income from airdrops.

The developers of SpecTrue (STRUE) with SpecTruth understand the current desire for investors profiting from meme coins like DOGECOIN (DOGE) and SHIBI INU. (SHIB) Unfortunately, the current library of meme coins are difficult for financial planners to recommend because they lack utility and social benefit. However, we believe we can offer meme coins for investors to be proud of investing.

Historically, developers of meme coins make their profits by reserving large portions of their meme offering in the genesis block. However, it is our intention to have a large portion of the genesis block go towards charitable causes while offering the potential for investor returns as other meme coins.

As a reward for holding STRUE, airdrops of non-utility meme coins will be awarded. Each STRUE token held will automatically generate FIVE (5) token of each new meme coin that SpecTruth generates. For example, a holder of 1,000,000 STRUE will automatically receive 5,000,000 of each new meme token that SpecTruth generates. The holders of these social responsible meme coins will be able to add the meme’s badge to their social media showing their solidarity and support. Our goal is for our tokens to have the same initial appeal and desire that the “wwjd” and Lance Armstrong wrist bands held except our holders will be the ones benefiting.

The deployment of each new meme coin will be similar to SHIBU INU except for the initital distribution of tokens according to the white papers.

Our goal is to have a steady stream of new tokens being minted every 3-4 weeks as marketing promotions and income generation for our STRUE holders.

Holders of our new social-benefit meme tokens will be proud to display their meme tokens owned on social media. (similar to “WWJD” or the Lance Armstrong bands people would wear.) Downloadable badges will be available for people to share on across their social media platforms giving their support for the cause and hopefully benefiting as they the crypto increases in price from demand.