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This planning tool helps you create the life you imagined

This planning tool helps you create the life you imagined

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, 2022 — ByDesign has officially launched its industry-first technology platform for planning and achievement.

The web and mobile solution seamlessly integrate personal and professional daily planning needs into one unified ecosystem, enabling users to design and align activities with their goals, all while building a community focused on achievement and accountability.

“We are on a mission to provide everyone, everywhere with the only planning tool they will ever need to create the life they always imagined,” said ByDesign CEO and Co-founder, Arthur Emma.

“As former teachers, our founding team knows that achieving big goals is not only about ambition, talent or even hard work. It’s about design. We developed ByDesign to enable users to get the most out of each day, design each month to achieve goals, and design each year to move closer to their biggest dreams.”

Founded at Dartmouth College, ByDesign was conceived during Teach For America (TFA), by two teachers. They saw that existing task management products and calendars were not addressing the needs of their students.

And this was a problem that extended beyond students: no single platform existed for busy students and professionals who wanted a platform that would help them not just be more productive but live more successful and fulfilling lives.

Planning tool from ByDesign

ByDesign’s product vision is bolstered by industry research that confirms achieving goals can be challenging (only about 8% are accomplished), but the chance of success increases to 95% with proper planning and accountability.

ByDesign helps bridge the gap between goal setting and achievement by creating one ecosystem for:

● Planning – Integrate planning needs and visually plan everything (tasks, habits, events, goals, reminders) in one place.
● Community – Build community around achievement and accountability.
●. Maps – Download proven plans for any goal imaginable directly to your calendar and workspace.

The platform also incorporates more traditional productivity features such as:

● Task management
● Project management
● Calendaring
● Note taking
● Habit tracking
● Goal setting


ByDesign was initially funded with grants from Dartmouth College, and its Minimally Viable Product (MVP) was built by Dartmouth College’s DALI Lab and sponsored in part by the DALI-Magnuson Design and Build Grant. Dartmouth College students, Gateway Technical College, and a number of businesses have successfully piloted the platform.

The company has raised half of their seed round but are open to meeting new investors who share their values and passion for helping others.

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ByDesign is the first social planning tool that enables individuals and groups to plan their lives, connect with like-minded individuals, and support one another in achieving goals. Learn more at /