Threebs' New Era for Brand and Product Expansion is here

Threebs' New Era for Brand and Product Expansion is here

With a new Director of Operations joining the family, Threebs’ team is set to benefit from a decade of Benjamin Song’s industry experience with big names like Zalora, Artefact and Lion & Lion Digital.

This signifies a shift within Threebs and the beginning of a new era for their brand. With Song on board, the newly reinforced Threebs team is looking to ramp up its business strategies and initiatives in the second half of 2022 in line with the recent hype on transparency in the beauty industry, having products that are actually good for your skin and expanding their clientele.

They are also looking to focus more on other aspects of the brand such as  category expansion, innovation, and purchase, distribution and supply chain optimisation.

Threebs – Malaysia’s leading online marketplace focused on beauty and self-care is preparing to ramp up its business strategies and initiatives in the second half of 2022. Towards this end, Threebs has recently been added to its managerial team with the appointment of  Benjamin Songs as Director of Operations. 

In his role, Benjamin will be spearheading Threebs efforts as they look to focus on category expansion, innovation, and purchase, distribution and supply chain optimisation. 

Strong foothold

Speaking on the new role and focus, Benjamin says, “I am raring to go in this new role at Threebs. In only one year in the market, Threebs has established a strong foothold within the eCommerce beauty and self-care segments.

“Now we are looking to expand into more product categories that resonate and are relevant to our current base of users whilst simultaneously looking to grow into other demographics” says Benjamin. 

Threebs emerged during the thick of the pandemic and quickly positioned itself as a one-of-a-kind downstream beauty platform where users can purchase authentic beauty products from all over the world including fan favourite brands such as The Ordinary, CeraVe, SomeByMi and AXIS-Y.

With conventional brick and mortar shopping experience completely unavailable, Threebs penetrated the market providing consumers with a centralised platform that not only offered a great online shopping experience.

The pandemic saw a significant increase in skin care awareness for both genders with less time spent outdoors many turned their attention inwards and focused on nourishing and revitalising their skin.

With a wide-ranging product list and more importantly an extensive list of product information, Threebs functioned as a hub for information to improve awareness and understanding of skincare and beauty products.

Detailed information

Threebs provides detailed and accurate information for each product on their website, from the type of product, what skin type it is best suited for, to the active ingredients, all of which can help customers determine if a product is for them.

There is also a step-by-step direction guide to help customers incorporate the product seamlessly into their existing or new routine if they are looking to create one from scratch.

Following their customer-first approach, customers can get in touch with Threebs’ customer service representatives from its multiple channels – either through email, Instagram or even Facebook – to get recommendations on the best-suited product for their skin.

“We have carved out a niche for ourselves in this highly competitive market by ensuring that we not only serve as a point of purchase but more importantly a hub for education. We, at Threebs, believe in that firmly and want to be a neutral voice in the market for consumers.

“Through The Beauty Spellbook on our website, the extensive product descriptions and the customer reviews, we are building a reservoir of information for customers to learn about what may work best for them and make informed purchasing decisions,” Benjamin adds. 

This education and knowledge based approach has helped Threebs build and sustain a cult following with over 100,000 registered customers and an average basket size of RM150 worth of products sold through the platform monthly.

Significant growth

The platform saw significant growth through the pandemic period by a sales increase of about 500%. Of particular importance is Threebs growing base of loyal customers which is driving an increasing portion of repeat purchases on the platform.

“Coming out of the pandemic, we are seeing consumer preferences and demands shift. Beauty and cosmetics are on the uptick as people begin to go out and socialise again.

“On top of this, the pandemic has normalised online purchasing and with that, looking at the data we’ve gathered, we are seeing more categories of products also emerge as strong options within eCommerce. Towards this end, we are looking to bridge this gap and bring our signature combination of comprehensive product range, ease of use as well as detailed information and guides to other consumer segments,” Benjamin elaborates.

About Threebs

Threebs is a beauty e-commerce site built with the aim to empower the lifestyle, health & beauty community to understand products in a new way. Online shopping has its own challenges, but it can also be fun! Threebs care about their customers by providing creative and crucial information to help consumers understand more about the products that they are purchasing and especially applying on their skin.