Tiger Year: Abundance awaits with SUBPLACE’s One-Stop Prosperity Gift

Tiger Year: Abundance awaits with SUBPLACE’s One-Stop Prosperity Gift

KUALA LUMPUR, 5/1/2022 – To usher an abundance of prosperity in the auspicious Year of the Tiger, CNY gift-giving is essential. SUBPLACE has made this timeless tradition a simpler and easier process for consumers.

SUBPLACE is Asia’s first online shopping platform that is entirely subscription and rental based. A wide range of products and services are offered, ranging from daily necessities, personal care products to furniture, home appliances and electrical products. With a single click, users can subscribe and receive their favourite products or services on a regular basis.

As Chinese New Year approaches, consumers tend to spend considerable time browsing online platforms to select CNY hampers and gift sets. With the diverse array of hampers and gift sets available, choosing the best one can be quite a hassle within a limited time.

To resolve this hassle, and in the interests of time, efficiency and convenience, SUBPLACE launched a special SUBPLACE Prosperity CNY 2022 campaign, the One-Stop Prosperity Gift Experience. It gathers a variety of CNY hampers and gift sets from various brands, enabling consumers to find and purchase their ideal CNY gifts with just one click on our SUBPLACE platform.

“CNY gift-giving is a timeless and essential part of Chinese New Year, and embodies affection, respect and wishes for good health, prosperity and the abundance of joy. We understand the difficulties consumers encounter every year in selecting CNY gifts, where a great deal of time is wasted browsing for CNY gifts across various websites. In line with SUBPLACE’s purpose to make life easier for everyone, we have gathered a wide range of brands on one platform for the convenience of our customers. They only need to browse one website and they are able to get their desired hampers or gift sets.” said Mr Mak Wai Hoong (WH Mak), CEO of SUBPLACE.

It is a great honour for SUBPLACE to be able to gather together various biz partners to participate in the SUBPLACE Prosperity CNY 2022 campaign, including some household names such as Hai-O, Eu Yan Sang, Purple Cane, Carlsberg, GoodFoods World, and HWC Premium Coffee, a Taiwanese brand that will soon enter Malaysia.

In conjunction with the rollout of the special CNY campaign, SUBPLACE is also actively promoting locally made products by BAIK SELANGOR participants, by inviting them to market their products on the SUBPLACE platform to increase their brand publicity. With different biz partners convening, SUBPLACE offers a diverse range of CNY hampers and gift sets for a 

one-stop shopping experience that also offers the best value for money. All CNY hampers and gift boxes will be delivered to one’s doorstep for free.

SUBPLACE’s Prosperity CNY 2022 campaign will run between 3rd January 2022 until 28th February 2022.

In this new year, SUBPLACE will continue to roll out a series of campaigns that will be attractive and worthwhile for consumers, so do stay tuned for SUBPLACE updates.

For more information on SUBPLACE Prosperity CNY 2022, visit subplace.com/prosperity_CNY2022.