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Top Ten Stories That Made The Headlines Globally in 2023

The Gaza story makes it into the top of the most read, most engaged stories for 2023. The brutality of the Israeli regime is not without consequences as the world rises against a blind military assault with hatred towards a people

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Here are some of the top ten most popular stories that impacted the news industry in terms of global popularity. The Gaza story makes it into the top of the most read, most engaged stories for 2023.

From the Russian invasion of Ukraine (which was still dominant until the Gaza war in October 2023) to the shocking assasination of Shinzo Abe and the ongoing global economic recession that is not going away despite all attempts by Central Banks to put it to rest.

But there are other big news that broke the otherwise eerie silence on some dry days. We will cover these in the future.

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The TOP TEN for 2023:

Before we reveal the list, we want to include the Gaza war as the no one top story in 2023 for the brutality of the Israeli regime against innocents and the attempted ethnic cleansing that is still ongoing in Gaza while the 'International Community' watches.

  1. Gaza and the Israeli massacre of thousands of children and women with impunity will remain the no 1 story of 2023.
  2. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: The conflict, which is the largest land war in Europe since World War II, has upended the global economy and forced nearly 8 million Ukrainians to flee their country1.
  3. Protests in Iran: Iranians began protesting against their government at a scale not seen since the 1979 revolution1.
  4. Change in British Monarchy: Queen Elizabeth II passed away after seven decades on the throne and King Charles III took over1.
  5. Protests in China: Unprecedented protests broke out in China as anger boiled over President Xi Jinping’s zero-COVID policies1.
  6. Floods in Pakistan: Pakistan saw record flooding that inundated a third of the country1.
  7. Assassination of Shinzo Abe: Shinzo Abe, who led Japan from 2006 to 2007 and 2012 to 2020, was assassinated1.
  8. Lionel Messi’s World Cup Win: Lionel Messi bolstered his claim as soccer’s GOAT, after leading Argentina to a thrilling World Cup win1.
  9. COVID-19 Pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic could be officially over but how long the economic fallout lingers is another question1.
  10. Battle between Autocracies and Democracies: A new cold war between China and the West is accelerating1.
  11. Recession: Recession hits much of the world. Inflation in rich countries has put poor ones in a tough spot2.
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Please note that these are just some of the major stories and there might be other significant events happening around the world.