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UK's hospitality industry growth with blockchain

UK's hospitality industry growth with blockchain

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 19, 2022 — FUDx, a one-stop delivery service that enables users to order anything they like from the nearest store in the shortest amount of time using blockchain technology is all set to enter the UK Market.

FUDx was born out of the need to cater to the difficulty for restaurants to maintain a fleet of delivery executives and facilitate the in-house dining process.

The company is aggressively partnering with vendors and merchants in USA, European, African and Asian markets.

Backed by a strong and reliable team, FUDx plans to disrupt the hospitality industry in UK by offering a range of its product and services like software’s for efficient management, Payment gateway FPay, F11 fantasy sports, FappChat to even entering the NFT marketplace.

Hospitality sector in UK

“We are excited to begin operations in the country. UK is one of the fastest-growing markets with the highest percentage of the population turning to crypto investments. With success in India and US markets, we are highly positive of transforming the hospitality sector in UK by offering a range of our services to users and businesses alike”, said a spokesperson from FUDX.

FUDx Coin – FXC’s are issued against every transaction done on FUDx delivery and services app which are accrued to users wallet as a reward for availing service and being a customer of FUDx platform. With its debut on various crypto exchanges users will soon be able to buy and sell FXC and can exchange for various gifts, goods and services at various merchants and online e-commerce stores.

The company is bullish about its growth of various projects and plans to expand across the globe in the near future.