UK's Morrison Replacing Chicken Feed With Insects

UK's Morrison Replacing Chicken Feed With Insects

We are surely not so happy if we were to eat insects, though some people go to great lengths to do so. But now it will be easier for some to consume both their chicken and insects in one go.

As part of its attempts to cut CO2 emissions from its agricultural supply chains, supermarket giant in the U.K. Wm Morrison is replacing soy-based chicken feed with insects to produce “carbon neutral” free-range eggs.

Cambridge-based startup Better Origin will supply insect small farms to 10 egg suppliers to the UK’s fourth-largest grocer, the company announced on Wednesday.

The farms will be automated, housed in shipping containers that will be run on artificial intelligence and will deliver the insects from wastage provided by Morisson from the fruits and vegetable processing site in Yorkshire.

They call it the ‘circular agriculture’ scheme.

The plan is to feed 320,000 free-range hens on the 10 farms. Don’t worry. The chicks will also be fed with beans, peas and sunflower seeds.

The major contributor to emissions on a free-range egg farm, according to the British Free Range Egg Producers Association, is bought-in feed, which accounts for more than 85 percent of an egg’s carbon footprint.

Some are saying, they are probably doing that because Greta Thunberg is very angry at carbon emission that she will not eat eggs.