Uplive Adds Tips For New Streamers

Uplive Adds Tips For New Streamers

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 11 (Bernama) — First live streaming video social APP in Malaysia Uplive, is a revolutionary application that not only entertains and connects people from all over the world but also acts as a platform for streamers to gain sustainable income. Uplive hosts – Elaine Pang, Alice Tan, and Giselle Low have shared their insights on successful streaming strategies and tips that Malaysians can utilize on Uplive.

With more than 260 million registered users spanning across 150 countries, Uplive is the world’s largest streaming platform with the most mandarin speaking streamers and users. Uplive’s extensive platform has allowed for a new era to commence, where people can share their skills, talents, and interests with people all over the world, all the while making a quick buck on the internet instead of resorting solely on food delivery and e-hailing services to make extra income.

With the appearance of Malaysian celebrity, Datuk Hj Aznil Hj Nawawi on Uplive’s TV commercial that aired on multiple Astro TV channels since October 2021, Uplive is expecting even more users and hosts to join in; therefore, they have gathered information and tips from three outstanding hosts to aid newcomers in their journey to success.

Both Elaine Pang and Alice Tan have made streaming a full-time career after being retrenched due to the pandemic, broadcasting live for about 5-8 hours a day. Each day, they alternate between singing, playing mini-games, and having interactive conversations with their viewers. Giselle Low, on the other hand, works a full-time job as a secretary during the day and continues to sing on her stream in the evenings. According to them, streaming is not as complicated as most people perceive it to be. Most people would be shocked to learn that the secret to being a successful streamer is actually genuinity.

Uplive hosts have been able to make a comfortably sustainable living, earning an average of around RM5,000 a month. Alice Tan herself can earn up to RM10k to 20k on a good month. On top of that, the platform has also helped many streamers attract sponsors and brand deals to their social media accounts. Hence, there are multiple methods in earning money through Uplive, apart from gifting.

Below are the curated tips suggested by Elaine Pang, Alice Tan, and Giselle Low on how anyone can be easily recognized as a host on Uplive:

  1. First impressions matter – Let your unique persona shine. People are bound to distinguish a fake person easily; thus, genuinity is key. Another thing to take note of is the username of your account, as viewers will notice that information first upon entering your stream. Be certain that your username is memorable, creative, and easy to pronounce. 
  2. Consistently keeping to a schedule – Plan ahead, set a realistic schedule, and stick to it. Viewers and fans will likely be looking forward to your next stream around the same time.
  3. Cover relatable and interesting topics – Touching on highly relatable topics will allow for greater viewer engagement; thus, keeping the stream interesting and lively.
  4. Get acquainted with other hosts – This allows for hosts to broaden their reach and tap on the viewers of other streamers. Viewers also love when hosts collaborate with each other.
  5. Always engage with viewers – Viewers appreciate when hosts are attentive to their comments and respond enthusiastically. Be sure to engage and spark interesting conversations, share interests and offer them opportunities to interact and play games with you.
  6. Explore and expand – It is common for viewers to share their hobbies with streamers and request for them to try new things. Taking time to learn and explore their requests on camera would not only make for some enjoyable content but also brings viewers a deeper appreciation towards you.