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Vape Consumers Association Launches #REGULATEMYVAPE Campaign

Vape Consumers Association Launches #REGULATEMYVAPE Campaign

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 November 2021 — The Vape Consumer Association of Malaysia, also known as VCAM, launches #RegulateMYVape, a campaign that calls for the regulation of vape in Malaysia for the safety of the consumers. In conjunction with the launch of the campaign, VCAM unveiled a campaign video, the Generasi Vape Community Feature — a mini-documentary that tells some of the stories of vape consumers in Malaysia, in a bid to spread awareness on the importance of vape regulation. 

With a large number of vapers in Malaysia’s community, the Generasi Vape community feature highlights the stories of the vape generation in Malaysia and their individual vaping experience for a smoking cessation journey. The 6 minutes-long documentary also features some insight on the growth of Malaysian vape culture, medical advice on the prolonged usage of tobacco, and features appearances from prominent names such as stand-up comedian and radio announcer, Kavin Jay, and Dr. Farzan Iqbal.

“According to the National Health Morbidity Survey in 2019, there are around 1.12 million vape users in Malaysia. A large vape community calls for an immediate regulation, in the interest of the safety of the users. Apart from that, with this campaign, we also want Malaysians to have the awareness of the beneficial uses of vape as a smoking cessation tool,” said Tengku Aslahuddin, President of the Vape Consumer Association of Malaysia. 

“With the introduction of taxes on nicotine vapes in Budget 2022, the Malaysian Government should be commended for taking the necessary steps to introduce more regulations to this booming industry. As consumer’s safety is a primary concern of VCAM, the main purpose of this campaign is to drum up awareness of the current state of the vaping industry, the dangers of an unregulated vaping market, and to provide smokers information on a less harmful alternative to smoking cessation,” he added.

VCAM is dedicated to continuously helping amplify the awareness of the need for e-cigarettes regulation in Malaysia. For more information on #RegulateMYVape campaign and to watch the campaign video, visit VCAM Facebook