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Venezuela is willing to sell oil to the US - Minister

Venezuela is willing to sell oil to the US - Minister

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Felix Plasencia, has stated that Caracas is willing to sell oil to the US again while being “faithful” to Moscow.

It also shows that desperation in both the U.S. and the Venezuelan sides could get them to strike a deal. Venezuela depends on its oil exports to beef its economy and ends the years of economic downfall.

Its currency plummeted to its lowest in history under the government of Nicolas Maduro who is facing the full-brunt of the American regime.

On the other hand, the Americans want to punish Russian President Vladimir Putin for his invasion of Ukraine. Banning Russian oil will have dire consequences for the U.S. but replacing it with Venezuelan oil for example, will give the U.S. some breathing space.

However, the Venezuelan oil supply will never compensate fully for the loss of Russian oil in the U.S.

Plascenia told the Turkish Anadolu Agency on Saturday that cooperating on oil would not be a “weird relationship,” as Venezuela has “been conducting oil business with the Americans for a long time.”

Respect Venezuela’s Maduro

The minister said that restoring Venezuela’s energy exports to the US would be “beneficial for everyone,” adding that Americans were welcome in the nation as long as they “respect Venezuela’s sovereignty” and acknowledge President Nicolas Maduro (photo) as “Venezuela’s only and legitimate head of government.”

Plascenia expressed confidence that US sanctions against Venezuela’s oil industry will be eased.

However, the minister emphasised that Venezuela will remain “committed supporters of the Russian government,” and that the nation regards Russian President Vladimir Putin as “a responsible head of government.”

“As a member of the world community, we hold him in high regard.” Plascenia said, “We think he will do his best for his people.”

In 2019, the US severed all ties with Venezuela, recognising pro-US opposition leader Juan Guaido as “interim president” instead of Maduro.