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Vince Imhoff: We are here for you!

Vince Imhoff: We are here for you!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 16, 2022 — Acclaimed Criminal Attorney, Vince Imhoff, supports accountability and reform of LAPD policy to eliminate “hunch stops.”

Vincent Imhoff is the Managing Director of Imhoff & Associates, PC with offices throughout the United States working with over 650 lawyers across the country.

According to evidence compiled by the Los Angeles Times for a 2019 study, LAPD Metro Division officers were accused of abusing their authority to profile and stop drivers at an alarmingly higher rate.

Minorities proclaimed discrimination. Vehicle infractions and code breaches were formerly used as a pretext for pursuing more severe crimes.

“Police officers are sworn to protect and serve, and with that great responsibility comes an opportunity to earn the trust of the community,” explains Imhoff.  

The firm has a long history of case victories and dismissals in all types of criminal defense matters throughout the United States.

“When my grandson got into trouble with the law the words defendant, grand jury, district attorney, judge, and indictment took on new meanings.

“When an infraction seemed somewhat minor results in a possible 2-20 year sentence it’s time to find an attorney. Through our company insurance, we were lucky to locate Imhoff and Associates and a lawyer was selected to review the charges.

“Gene informed us of the seriousness of the four (4) charges and worked diligently to get three (3) charges dropped and the final charge resulted in a “deferred adjudication”; our family couldn’t be happier. I would recommend the law firm and Gene to anyone needing help with criminal law problems.” Anonymous Testimonial.

Imhoff & Associates, PC is dedicated to providing the best possible legal counsel to people accused of criminal charges.

“We recognize that people who come to us are going through some of the most difficult times of their lives, and we want them to know that they are not alone in dealing with these issues.

“No matter what the case entails, how convoluted issues appear, or what crimes the accused are charged with, our countrywide criminal defense experts are ready to provide imaginative, hard-hitting defenses for clients across the country.” says the firm.

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