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Wait for the new fashion show on Metaverse in Indonesia!

Wait for the new fashion show on Metaverse in Indonesia!

JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 4, 2022– Entering its 15th year, Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) – one of the leading fashion show in Southeast Asia – collaborated with WIR Group, to hold the first fashion show on metaverse in Indonesia.

Svida Alisjahbana, GCM Group CEO & JFW Chairwoman, said the collaboration will drive fashion industry transformation further into the digital world. Indonesian creative and fashion industry players have good capabilities, but they don’t get enough opportunities.

“Metaverse will remove this obstacle and we will have no problem entering the international market and doing business with consumers from around the globe.”

The fashion show on Metaverse!

The metaverse platform being developed by WIR Group will bridge businesses and consumers. It will be the gateway that lead humans to various digital experiences, and at the same time become a platform that can provide new employment opportunities.

Gupta Sitorus, CMO of WIR Group, explained, “This collaboration shows that the national industry trusts WIR Group. It keeps us motivated to continue developing innovations and providing technological solutions for various sectors, helping them face challenges in this borderless digital era.”

Previously, WIR Group has signed a number of MoUs for cross-sector collaboration to join the metaverse, with partners that include Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Bank Negara Indonesia from the financial sector.

Most recently, WIR Group signed partnership agreements with various entities including Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW), retail giant Alfamart, FMCG company Kalbe Nutritionals, Indonesian independent music label Sun Eater, and property developers Vasanta and Triniti Land, and many others.

WIR Group and JFW in Metaverse

Gupta hoped that the collaboration between WIR Group and JFW in Metaverse Indonesia will encourage others to join.

The advancement of Digital Metaverse Technology is a necessity, and in the future everyone is required to be able to adapt to and to utilize technological developments for greater benefit.

Since 2009, WIR Group has completed thousands projects and served clients in over 20 countries including the US, Germany, Spain, Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Myanmar.

WIR Group has received multiple international acknowledgements and accolades, including Excellent Communications Design Apps in 2020 German Design Award, AR Best Campaign at Augmented World Expo’s Auggie Awards 2015 and 2016 at Silicon Valley, Innovation 40 from The New Economy London on London Stock Exchange, and Forbes’ Metaverse Tech Companies to Watch in 2022.

Source : PT WIR Asia Tbk (WIR Group) – /PRNewswire/