What is the Future Of Gaming With VR

What is the Future Of Gaming With VR

SAN DIEGO , CA, UNITED STATES , June 18, 2022 — George Cacioppo has always had a special place in his heart for technology. For nearly a decade, he dedicated himself to enhancing the customer gaming experience during his time at Sony in the PlayStation Network division.

Now, as gaming continues to develop through new available technologies, George Cacioppo addresses the merging of virtual reality and the future of gaming.

VR is Here to Stay

Virtual reality (VR) is no longer a niche area that only a few “inner circle” technophobes understand. Its existence and possibilities for use have quickly come into the public domain.

In fact, the VR market has already ballooned into an over 200 billion dollar industry. VR is now being used in a range of fields, including the medical industry and—most titillating—the gaming industry. Many would say that VR has brought gaming to a whole new level.

Obstacles to VR in Gaming

Despite all this, Cacioppo says, there remain obstacles to VR in gaming. To start with, the price of the VR equipment is still a deterrent for a lot of people. Just as games—and other technologies, for that matter—were prohibitively expensive when they first became widely available, the equipment needed to be fully immersed in VR gaming is still high for the average consumer.

Based on economics, the more people who buy into the VR gaming experience, the lower the costs will be down the road. Essentially, predicts George Cacioppo, cost is a short-term obstacle to VR gaming.

Another obstacle to mass VR gaming is the equipment itself. Currently, the VR headsets on the market tend to be bulky and uncomfortable, especially after wearing them for the duration of a long game. There are some details that still need to be ironed out in order to translate the wide field of vision that people are accustomed to in real life into the VR experience.

Other obstacles

Yet another obstacle is the reality of possible harm. For the full VR experience to work in a safe environment, there must be a secure place where the gamer can’t accidentally incur a physical accident during active game play.

Even the knowledge that the gamer could bump into furniture or hurt themselves can detract from the VR experience. For VR to be fully enjoyable, the user has to feel completely safe and secure in the insulated environment of the VR experience.

VR is not the ultimate end point for gaming, according to former Vice President at Sony Interactive Entertainment, George Cacioppo. “In my estimation,

Cacioppo says, “VR is another possible way for gamers to entertain themselves, but not the only way. There are games where VR is not the best experience, and others where VR is the way to go. VR in gaming is an alternative, but it won’t ever replace gaming as we know it today.

“However, as time goes by, we’re going to see more of the obstacles fall away, and VR equipment will likely be as ubiquitous as gaming systems in people’s homes around the world.”

Always focused on the customer experience, Cacioppo sees that VR in gaming is a niche unto itself, and not necessarily the entire gaming industry. EINPresswire.com