What's new with the women's marathon from MCIS Life-Malaysia

What's new with the women's marathon from MCIS Life-Malaysia

PETALING JAYA, 8 March 2022 — South East Asia’s only women’s marathon, the MCIS Life-Malaysia Women Marathon (MCIS Life MWM) 2022 is all set to welcome avid runners to return to the new-normal sporting event this year.

Into its 10th year running strong, the 2022 edition will incorporate all mandatory health and safety procedures in the wake of new-normal routines as required by the relevant authorities.

“Our tradition has always been about marking the annual International Women’s Day (IWD) by launching the run which celebrates the importance of good health, a balanced lifestyle and honouring women for their life long achievements.

“This year, plans are underway for the physical run to be held in Selangor, Perak and Johor with a difference as we are making it possible for the first 500 runners to receive complimentary cancer screening thanks to our strategic partnership with the National Cancer Society Malaysia,” says Mr. Prasheem Seebran, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, MCIS Life.

All three runs planned for 2022 are set to take off using the hybrid approach whereby the physical runs at the specified locations would adhere to the maximum limit of 1,000 participants while all fitness enthusiasts are encouraged to sign up for the virtual-run option which gives them the comfort of running/jogging/walking from wherever they are based – the best part, virtual runners can register for free!

“A decade ago when we started, our aim was to encourage women to celebrate International Women’s Day via sports as a physically active lifestyle can create a healthier mindset and self-esteem, which are especially needed for the empowerment of women. 

“Over the years, our event has served a larger purpose of educating people about gender equality and also paying more attention to leading a holistic lifestyle as well as taking the necessary pre-cautions to manage preventable illnesses through early screening. This year, thanks to MCIS Life and NCSM, we are proud to bring free cancer screening to the first 500 who register for our run,” explained Ms. Karen Loh, MWM Race Director.

Marathon dates

Below are the key details in relation to the MCIS Life-MWM 2022 Run:

A series of 3 events held in May, July & October 2022

Each event will be open to a maximum of 1,000 in-person (physical) participants 

Each event features unlimited capacity for number of participants under the virtual category (run at your own pace, place)

Registration fee for physical event is between RM50 and RM60 (depending on desired distance, entitlements) per person

Virtual run participants are in for a real treat – you get to join for free! If you choose to receive t-shirts and race merchandises, a small fee applies

“One of the key highlights of our event this year is how we have, together, aligned our run with the IWD 2022 theme of #BreakTheBias – in our opinion access to basic healthcare and growing a community that supports every individual’s fitness goals begins with recognising that these essentials should be accessible to everyone – women, men and children of all ages who make up our society. 

“This is also the reason we have enabled virtual participants to register for FREE because physical fitness is equally important for people of all ages and lifestyle,” opined Prasheem and Loh, jointly.

Stay tuned to MCIS Life and MWM’s social media channels for more details and updates on the race – sign up today!