Why Canon BizMART is the One-Stop Solutions Provider for All

Why Canon BizMART is the One-Stop Solutions Provider for All

Shah Alam, 9 March 2022Canon Marketing Malaysia has announced the launching of ‘Canon BizMART’ – a one-stop solutions provider for SMEs, corporations and businesses of any size. With the aspiration to fully support all businesses needs, Canon BizMART offers hardware, software, third party products, consumables and service solutions that are convenient for enterprises to focus on what matters most, driving results in the workplace.

As the leading digital imaging provider, Canon continues to innovatively develop beyond its well known range of products to help businesses digitalise and streamline work processes through automation. Over the past two years, Canon has involved itself in pivoting businesses into a new digital frontier, identifying their pain points and offering worry-free solutions to their operational needs. 

Through an open innovation approach, Canon partners with external organisations to develop a total solutions provider that meet current business’ needs. Canon BizMART is a proactive enabler for businesses seeking to take advantage of the seamlessly integrated products and services that are quick and easy for organisations to implement, and establish flexibility, agility and security.

Under Canon BizMART, an extensive lineup of solutions are available for businesses to experience convenient collaboration between teams based remotely and on-site through uniFLOW Online, Therefore Online, and many more. 

Companies pursuing to lower operational costs, liberate internal resources, gain access to subject matter experts and global knowledge databases are welcome to explore Canon Business Services.

This feature includes streamlining paper-intensive business processes with a flexible and cost-effective means to manage businesses’ on-site printing requirements and physical mail management.

As a one-stop solutions provider, Canon is also capable of helping businesses streamline their workflow by analysing their challenges and designing appropriate solutions.

The digital workflow system eliminates repetitive administration work, which effectively improves overall operational efficiency. At the same time, it offers both server and cloud-based solutions, where Canon integrates a range of cloud-based solutions that reduces data management costs while securing valuable data.

Beyond the aspect of digitalisation, Canon BizMART also caters for business needs such as supplying paper, all-in-one meeting solutions for video conferences, power protection and management solutions.

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Canon BizMART leverages on providing scalable and customisable solutions to meet the size and requirements of businesses’; based on customers’ budgets, needs and existing systems. As a trusted global leader in photographic and comprehensive business solutions, Canon persists to be a technology provider offering innovative solutions to simplify complex business processes.

Besides providing solutions which enhance business efficiencies, Canon BizMART also offers security with its range of surveillance camera and analytics software solutions.

These technologies utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) and People Counting technology for managing instantaneous business decisions, while offering a wide range of network cameras that is best suited for business needs. 

“We understand digital transformation is a delicate journey, and we are proud to have developed a total solutions provider to help businesses during the entire process.

Canon BizMART empowers businesses with the right tools in the digital space to deliver high quality, excellence and reliable solutions for businesses to remain competitive; and optimise their businesses through digitisation” said Mr. Masato Yoshiie, Senior Director of Canon Marketing Malaysia’s Business Imaging Solutions Centre.