Why Rocket DevOps is best for mission critical applications

Why Rocket DevOps is best for mission critical applications

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – March 16, 2021 – Rocket Software is helping companies attract and retain developer talent by enabling modern DevOps tools and best practices for the IBM i with its relaunch of Rocket DevOps software.

The DevOps is a modernization platform designed specifically to enable end-to-end continuous integration continuous delivery (CI/CD) for multi-code environments that include the IBM i platform. 

In the current hiring climate, the premium on attracting and retaining technical talent to enhance these mission-critical IBM i applications has proven exponentially more difficult. With Rocket DevOps software, organizations can offer talented developers the chance to work on mission-critical applications with CI/CD—which is not only attractive to developers but also good for business.  

With a limited number of developers who understand code on IBM i and a generation of talent beginning to retire, organizations need to attract new developers who are hungry to work on important projects but want to use familiar tools and approaches.

With Rocket DevOps software, organizations can attract developers by offering the chance to contribute to iterative development cycles that include automated testing.

Thus DevOps teams can take advantage of automated, early, and often testing within environments that include RPG and COBOL applications, enabling a balance of the flexibility of experimentation and the structure of automation and process controls.  

Whats with Rocket DevOps:

  • Enable end-to-end DevSecOps, providing IBM i development and delivery teams a solution that delivers everything from deployment management to testing so they can develop and deploy high quality code quickly, efficiently and securely 
  • Build structure through automation and controls, removing as much manual, error-prone work as possible, enforcing compliance mandates through separation of duties and driving faster time to market   
  • Empower flexibility for CI/CD, allowing engineering and DevOps teams to test the right things at the right time, quickly experiment, make changes and adapt as needed to drive innovation  
  • Deliver holistic, simplified reporting through near-real time dashboards, enabling teams to quickly respond to regulatory audits and service-level agreements 
  • Standardize DevOps across an organization, with integrations to popular third-party and open-source DevOps tools  
  • Enable non-RPG talent to engage and support the IBM i DevOps process, alleviating pressure on RPG developers while keeping code moving  

“The talent shortage is impacting virtually every organization, and the best talent wants to work with modern DevOps tools and processes,” said Katie Norton, Senior Research Analyst, DevOps at IDC. “Attracting talent to work on IBM i applications, in particular, will remain a top priority for enterprises.” 

“It’s time to modernize development of mission-critical applications, so that businesses can attract top talent to enhance their most important systems,” said Chris Wey, President, Data Modernization Business Unit at Rocket Software. “With the Rocket DevOps solution, users realize the promise of CI/CD, rapid release cycles, and DevSecOps best practices in their IBM i software.” 

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