Will "Oh the irony lol" Kill Twitter For Good?

Will "Oh the irony lol" Kill Twitter For Good?

At this rate, Twitter appears to be desperate for billionaire Elon Must to buy the company, but the latter does not appear to be interested in changing the world through short text messages.

Not any longer. One of the reasons could be that there are too many fake accounts on Twitter. It’s difficult not to believe that fake Twitter accounts are common, and that your own account may be plagued by them.

But what are these fake accounts made of?

On Statista, S. Dixon wrote, “Although Twitter’s users seemed to be peaking around 2019, 2020 proved otherwise.

“In 2020, the site’s user base was estimated to grow 8.4 percent from the previous year. By comparison, the previous forecast as of 2017 had shown a growth rate of 2.8 percent for 2020.

“Users are expected to keep expanding, but at a lower growth rate in the upcoming years.”

However, this does not mean that Twitter will disappear from the internet; rather, it indicates that people are looking for a different platform to exercise their rights.

Twitter has dashed users’ hopes that they can and will be allowed to post what they believe is right or best for their own and others’ health, wealth, and sanity.

Twisted agenda

The company took some unilateral decisions that has kept a few hotheads away from the platform.

Some would argue that Twitter has the right to do so in order to prevent an increase in violence, but Twitter also allows hate speech, twisted agendas.

Let’s find porn on its platform. Porn may also indicate child abuse or paedophilia and it is rampant on Twitter. This is just fine as long as ex-President Donald Trump is banned!

Fake accounts

Twitter reports that fewer than 5% of accounts are fakes or spammers, commonly referred to as “bots.” 

Musk insist Twitter has more than 20% fake accounts. Musk is an outsider. If Twitter is lying about fake accounts, how to trust them? Business is business.

Twitter has many top personalities with a large following on the platform. U.S. President Joe Biden’s POTUS has 22 million followers.

A report last year suggested that half of these were fake accounts. Amid the row on social media that Biden was not that popular and that Twitter was not a legit platform, AP did a fact check.

The fact check did not debunk the arguments that the half were not fake. Here’s the article.

Now if half of the following of big accounts on Twitter are fake followers, what does that mean? It means that Twitter has a large following of fake accounts.


Musk is having a good time:  “They said I couldn’t buy Twitter, Then they wouldn’t disclose bot info, Now they want to force me to buy Twitter in court, Now they have to disclose bot info in court.”

While Twitter can sue Elon Musk for not buying the platform, the fact remains the company is still profitable and there are no justification for it to go on sale if we look at its growth.

Twitter generated $5 billion revenue in 2021, a 35% increase on 2020 figures and a significant improvement on the 8% and 13% increase the two years before.

Most companies would die for such a high rate of growth. Wouldn’t they? Thus, we can conclude that Musk’s response to Twitter suing him for not buying the platform will not end up killing Twitter.

While the Twitter lawsuit will also not kill Twitter, the risk is that it will, like Mr Musk says, force the company to divulge the information in court. Thus, Twitter risk being stripped naked and the truth about its business may finally be revealed.