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YesAsia partners with Geek+ for a brand new Smart Warehouse

YesAsia partners with Geek+ for a brand new Smart Warehouse

HONG KONG, May 3, 2022 — Global online retailer YesAsia teams up with Geek+, a leading Autonomous Mobile Robots specialist, to build YesAsia’s first smart warehouse at Goodman Interlink, a best-in-class warehouse development and one of the world’s tallest warehouse facilities located in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. This will be the largest number of AMRs deployed in any single Hong Kong E-commerce warehouse.

Logistics and supply chain management has proven to be the biggest challenge for E-commerce businesses since the COVID outbreak. As the forward-thinking owner and operator of retail websites and, YesAsia employs an ambitious strategy, using digitalization and automation for its business operations, especially its warehouses. This approach brings together three like-minded companies – global industrial property expert, Goodman Group, Geek+ and YesAsia – to pave the way for a future using smart logistics and automation.

The brand-new YesAsia smart fulfillment center will be located at Goodman Interlink in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong, and equipped with 145 innovative AMRs from Geek+.

This is the first partnership between the three parties and is the largest single warehouse deployment of AMRs in Hong Kong’s E-commerce industry.

Goodman Interlink is awarded a Gold Standard Certificate from HK BEAM and a Silver Certificate from LEED. With its floor plate, Goodman Interlink provides spacious and high-quality spaces that are suitable for the newest advancements in automation and robotics.

YesAsia staying ahead of the game

Joshua Lau, CEO of YesAsia, said, “YesAsia understands the importance of staying ahead of the game in the face of ‘new norms.’ This is why we are investing in and introducing 145 Geek+ AMR robots into our Hong Kong warehouse with our like-minded partners, Goodman Group and Geek+. This move reflects our commitment to reforming our supply chain in order to provide the best possible logistics services to our valuable customers.”

YesAsia’s smart warehouse is a revolutionary step that will impact the company’s operations and supply chain. The change is expected to be fully integrated by July 2022 in order to commence service for YesAsia’s global customer base in the second half of the year.

To enable this smart fulfilment centre, Goodman Group provides well-located warehouses that are designed to accommodate the latest robotics and technology, not only to ensure a more efficient supply chain but also faster and more flexible delivery of goods.

The smart warehouse is conveniently located in the logistics hotspot of Hong Kong which is adjacent to Container Terminal 9, Stonecutters Bridge, with easy access to Hong Kong International Airport.

Geek+’s solutions

The YesAsia smart fulfillment center will implement Geek+’s goods-to-persons solutions. After receiving orders, the AMRs will automatically pass the goods to warehouse operators for an overall fulfillment process that is more accurate and highly efficient.

The center is expected to handle over one million orders within its first year of operation for both and customers around the world.

“Our commitment is to transform global logistics with smart technologies,” said Lit Fung, VP and Managing Director of Overseas Business at Geek+.

“We are excited to work with industry innovation pioneer YesAsia and empower them to meet the growing demand of their E-commerce customers. Geek+ will continue to partner with Goodman in providing a one-stop solution for quality, sustainable properties equipped with the latest smart warehousing solutions to strengthen customers’ supply chains.” /PRNewswire/ More @WorldFuture