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Ziphawk, New Rideshare App To Operate in U.S.

Ziphawk, New Rideshare App To Operate in U.S.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2022 — New ridesharing app Ziphawk commits to avoiding the common pitfalls of some of the popular apps in the transportation marketplace.

Currently operating in California’s Silicon Valley, the app has now received approval for final licensing and operation in both Pennsylvania and Texas.

This is just the start of how Ziphawk plans to disrupt the industry with its unique solution to many of the most common complaints about ridesharing.

What sets Ziphawk apart from the other leaders in the industry? A large portion of what makes it unique from other rideshare apps is consistent pricing and flat rates on all rides.

Ziphawk also prioritizes safety with video recording in all cars as well as safety monitoring of friends’ rides to minimize the risk to passengers.

Drivers are fingerprinted and undergo a series of three background checks before being permitted to work for the company.

However, it’s not just about the passenger experience. Ziphawk drivers also benefit from getting paid maximum rates with no commission for every ride.

Drivers pay a monthly subscription to be featured on the Ziphawk app, but they will not owe anything additional for taking rides. They also get paid instantly at the end of each ride, preventing them from having to wait for the weekly pay cycle.

Ziphawk prides itself on being a driver-centered app that sets itself apart from other ridesharing applications. Its unique process makes Ziphawk ideal for passengers to feel safe and drivers to feel valued in the marketplace. CEO Bhawna Patkar is committed to revolutionizing the rideshare industry.

Many transportation network companies (TNCs) saw a decrease in the number of passengers after the start of the pandemic.

This decline in passengers correlated with a decrease in available drivers who were forced to return to a more typical career that offered steadier pay. Ziphawk aims to make it more feasible for drivers to return to the flexible schedule and generous pay that used to make the industry thrive.

With new outlets in Texas and Pennsylvania pending, Ziphawk will soon be seeking more drivers for these locations.

Drivers who are interested in earning the maximum amount for their rides and who want to get paid instantly should contact Ziphawk to start the process of signing up to drive with this elite TNC. Enquire today to find out more about the requirements for drivers and their vehicles.

About Ziphawk

Run by CEO Bhawna Patkar, Ziphawk is a leader in the ridesharing industry. It is based in California’s Silicon Valley but is rapidly expanding into other states.

Ziphawk is committed to a driver-centered “Fare is Fair” policy — revolutionary among TNCs. Both passengers and drivers benefit from the unique requirements that a driver must have before being approved for this rideshare app. /