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Australia in anti-China military alliance with US and UK

Australia in anti-China military alliance with US and UK

Nearer to our borders, Australia on Wednesday, Sept 15 said it is joining a trilateral security partnership with the US and the UK for the Indo-Pacific to counter Chinese assertiveness in the region.

The alliance is called the AUKUS and it will get the US and the UK to support Australia in acquiring nuclear-powered submarines to be built in the city of Adelaide.

The transfer of technology will turn Australia into a nuclear sub powerhouse in the region. The US and the UK will build the subs.

“AUKUS will bring together our sailors, our scientists, and our industries to maintain and expand our edge in military capabilities and critical technologies, such as cyber, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and undersea domains,” US president Joe Biden said.

“We all recognize the imperative of ensuring peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific over the long term,” Biden said.

For Morrison sit was. a momentous decision for Australia to acquire the technology, adding that it would make the world safer. He adds that Australia will not field nuclear weapons.

“We will continue to meet all our nuclear non-proliferation obligations,” he said.

The new alliance, the AUKUS partnership, will end French shipbuilder Naval Group to build new submarines for the Aussies.

China has virtually conquered the South China Sea with little that the US, UK and Australia or other powers in partnerships with the US can do.

Beefing up the Aussie defences and building more military alliances around China will, the Pentagon hopes, cut the Chinese ambitions to size.