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China Motorcycle & E-vehicle Brand appears at EICMA 2021

China Motorcycle & E-vehicle Brand appears at EICMA 2021

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KUNSHAN, China, Nov 27, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – EICMA 2021, The International Motorcycle & Accessories Exhibition, recognized as the world’s top two-wheeler show, opened on November 23 in Milan, Italy, with two-wheeler brands from around the world gathering to showcase latest products.

Among them, the “China Brand Fair” – ARIIC, CFMOTO, CYCLONE, DAYNG, DAYUN, QJMOTOR, SENKE, TAOMOTOR, TEYIN, VOGE, ZNEN, ZONTES, and other well-known electric vehicle brands including AIMA, OKAI, SUNRA, TAILG, TROMOX, and YADEA – has created a strong presence under the overall leadership of the Trade Development Bureau, Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), P.R.CHINA, presenting the graceful charm and demeanor of China’s two-wheeler industry, while revealing the strength of China’s intelligent manufacturing to the world.

On November 24, a promotional event, “Cooperation and Mutual Benefits / Harmonious Development: China Motorcycle and E-vehicle Brand Walks in Milan and Approaches the World”, sponsored by the MOFCOM and organized by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), kicked off with a press conference in the main EICMA exhibition venue.

Shu Luomei, Commercial Counselor, Chinese Consulate General in Milan, Chen Huaming, Deputy Director-General of the Trade Development Bureau, MOFCOM, Guo Kuilong, Secretary-General of the CCCME, and Pietro Meda, President of the EICMA, among others attended the press conference and delivered speeches.

In her speech, Luomei of the Consulate General said that in the face of the severe challenges posed by COVID-19, China and Italy have supported each other and worked together to fight the pandemic, deepening mutual trust and writing another great mark in the history of China-Italy relations.

Huaming of the Trade Development Bureau said that China remains Italy’s second-largest trading partner. The extensive participation of Chinese two-wheeler brands at EICMA 2021 was a practical, significant move to promote economic cooperation and trade exchange between China and Italy, against a post-pandemic backdrop.

Guo Kuilong, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, pointed out China provides a large number of safe, reliable and high-quality two-wheeler vehicles for commuters around the world, with brands such as CFMoto, Loncin, Qianjiang, Sunra, Yadea and others springing to mind. He said the CCCME would actively play channel and industry advantages to promote exchange and cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries to a wider field.

As the host, EICMA President Pietro Meda expressed his gratitude to the Consulate General of China in Milan and the leaders of the CCCME for their attention to EICMA. He hopes that more China two-wheeler enterprises can come to EICMA and share development opportunities with the Italian and even the global industry in the future.

During the press conference, domestic two-wheeler brands such as YADEA, TROMOX, TEYIN and ARIIC also appeared on the stage to share the development ideas of their respective brands with the global industry and bring their flagship new products.

– YADEA presented the Y1S all-around intelligent lithium electric vehicle for enterprise users. “As the world’s leading brand of electric two-wheeler, Yadea has been committed to providing users with a comfortable riding experience. The launch of Y1S represents Yadea’s relentless pursuit, specially designed and developed, to meet the needs of different commercial vehicle applications.”

– TROMOX, presenting two intelligent e-vehicle products, aims to take “product innovation + core technology R&D + international brand” as its model to “become a high-tech enterprise in the industry, and provide more people with intelligent, environmental-friendly and interesting ways of travel.”

– TEYIN brought the VOX125, a classic 125cc product that has been selling well in the European market for years. TEYIN will pursue “R&D and manufacturing of motorcycles with various displacement, from 50CC to 350CC, to bring more reliable motorcycle products to global users.”

– ARIIC brought the Chinf318, the first product to arrive on-site, saying it would “pursue perfect design and a product philosophy of quality and detail to the extreme so that consumers can feel the beauty of industrial design and the pleasure of quality from every product of ARIIC.”

China’s two-wheeler tourism + transport industry, with the advantage of having the world’s top industry supply chain, is bringing more creative, advanced and diversified product technology solutions to the new era of global transportation. During the exhibition, CCCME hired professional translators and service personnel to connect on-site the exhibition and will continue to promote online B2B supply/demand cross-matching, and business discussions via Zoom, which will encourage the enterprise demonstration effect.

The pandemic has had a profound impact on economic and trade exchange between countries and regions around the world. The “China Motorcycle and E-vehicle Brand Walks in Milan and Approaches the World” promotional activity aims to build a communications bridge between China and Italy and the larger manufacturing industry in the aftermath of COVID. It will undoubtedly bring positive demonstration effects to the creation of new economic and trade exchange between countries in a post-pandemic world.