puma SEA launches new #pumadeliveryrun campaign

puma SEA launches new #pumadeliveryrun campaign

KUALA LUMPUR; 20 May 2022 — PUMAhas kicked off its #PUMADeliveryRun campaign across Southeast Asia – a never-before-done activation that sees the brand endeavor to get as close and personal with its target audience as possible.

Initiated in conjunction with the launch of its latest female-specific running shoe, the PUMA Run XX Nitro, the #PUMADeliveryRun campaign will outfit female PUMA ambassadors with the new shoe and have them participate in one of the largest and most important services in the region – food delivery.

The objective of this campaign by PUMA is twofold. Firstly, to highlight the new features, style, and capabilities of the new PUMA Run XX Nitro, the female-specific shoe that ensures movement that is comfortably fast.

Secondly, it is to establish itself as the relatable sports brand by tapping into each country’s food-loving culture and the normalization of food delivery services, which is something everyone has grown fondly accustomed to over the past three years.

“We observed that on most occasions, other brands out there would zoom in on what makes their product special. More often than not, all focus is on just the style or product technology. We decided to do things very differently this time around by having the PUMA Run XX Nitro’s capabilities play out in the real world through the #PUMADeliveryRun activation. Ultimately, we believe in showcasing our products and the technology behind it through authenticity to the everyday user,” said Ms. Eleanor Wang, PUMA Southeast Asia’s Head of Marketing.

PUMA ambassadors

Through this campaign, PUMA ambassadors across the region – such as Joey Tng, Malaysian fitness trainer and content creator, Sonia Chew, Singaporean radio DJ and digital creative, Kelly Tandiono, Indonesian model and triathlete, as well as Joanne Vilablanca, Filipino yoga teacher, health, wellness and fitness enthusiast – will put themselves in the shoes of food delivery professionals and fulfill food orders across their respective country’s hotspots on foot, while being outfitted with the new PUMA Run XX Nitro. 

PUMA chose to have women food delivery professionals as the face of the campaign and the new Run XX Nitro shoes as it believes that it carries a sentiment that its audience will share. The food delivery profession is a time-sensitive one and delivery runners are always light on their feet, endeavoring to get to their delivery destinations speedily.

The PUMA Run XX Nitro is positioned as the perfect running shoe that adds comfort to the equation, allowing these women delivery runners to get to their delivery points comfortably fast, driving home the unique selling point of the shoes.  

“Food delivery and the new Run XX Nitro shoes aside, this campaign also puts the spotlight on women runners – remaining true to PUMA’s RUN FOR HER ethos,” Ms Wang adds.

In Malaysia, the #PUMADeliveryRun campaign will also be supplemented by a unique on-ground experiential event in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, calling on women of all walks of life to get a close-up experience of what makes the Run XX Nitro shoes special.

The event space will feature PUMA’s NITRO XX-PERIENCE TUNNEL – a large wind tunnel filled with Nitro cubes that will help visitors visualize the breathable comfort of the monomesh material and the Nitro cushioning used to construct the PUMA Run XX Nitro.

“Our objective through this experiential is not just to show what the Run XX Nitro shoes are capable of, but to take our audience literally into what the shoes are like.

“Only by going into the shoes, picking apart the materials, and feeling them up close, will our audience truly understand why the Run XX Nitro is special.

“At the same time, with some exciting prizes on the line, we are injecting fun while they immerse themselves into the first-hand learning experience,” Ms. Wang concluded.

The launch of its Run XX Nitro and #PUMADeliveryRun campaign is the brand’s directive to reassert its commitment to supporting women and being a brand that its audience can relate to. Moving forward, PUMA promises to look for opportunities for more engaging, “human” activations such as this to establish itself as a brand that its audience can not only look up to, but feel close to.